Our profile

E-Power CCL Co., Ltd was setup in 2010 and focuses on delivering software and hardware devices that change the way electricity business is operated in Cambodia. We use latest technologies to server electricity licensees’ business better by reducing operational costs, create effectiveness, fight against fraud and maximize their business profitability.

E-Power CCL Co., Ltd has developed in-house Electricity Billing System that has been endorsed by Electricity Authority of Cambodia (www.eac.gov.kh) to conduct training and distribute software to all licensees nationwide. The E-Power electricity billing system has been used by hundred of licensees in Cambodia successfully since late 2011. The software was locally developed both Khmer and English and it well integrates with the digital energy meters that can collect meter reading data automatically (no more manual meter recording).

Vision & Mission

E-Power CCL Co., Ltd commits to deliver high quality of software and services to ensure that our clients again benefits the most from using our software and digital energy meters.

Our mission at The Software Company is to create easy-to-use, cost-effective and technically sound solutions that enable our customers to quickly transform raw data into intelligent information.

Our Clients

Our diverse client list includes such electric production in cambodia and many more. All of our products demonstrate an excellent record of accomplishment and are backed by knowledgeable and professional technical support. We firmly believe that working as partners with our customers is the best way to stay in tune with their specific needs. We are always working on further improvement of our products and welcome your opinion. As we continue to grow, our customers will always be the primary focus of our organization